Hello Fall!

I think that most of us can agree that there are few places more beautiful than the northeast during the Fall. Did you know that there are intricacies of the Fall season that affect our health and wellbeing? In Chinese medicine it is understood that humans and nature are closely connected; we grow and change as the seasons change. With the fall comes new and dominant characteristics to be aware of, and unique ways to stay balanced...


Fall Characteristics


Natural Element: Metal

Pathology: Dryness

Color: White

Flavor: Acrid/Spicy

Active Organs: Lung/Large Intestine

Life Stage: Late Adulthood

Emotions: Attraction to beauty, need for organization, feelings of sadness and nostalgia over letting go of excess and old habits


A prominent feature of the Fall is refinement; trees shed their leaves and keep only what is necessary for the months ahead. We too must shed excess as we move away from the activity of the summer towards the introspection of the winter. This time of transition reminds us to be adaptable and flexible as things change and cycles run there natural course. Fall is also the season of the Metal element and there should be a deep appreciation for beauty, nature, and self care.



Ways to stay healthy in the Fall:


1. Wake up early to walk - breathing the early morning Fall air will keep your lungs healthy and strong

2. Combat dry coughs, dry nasal passages, and dry skin by staying hydrated and eating warm Asian pears with honey

6. Keep your neck and upper back covered - these areas are vulnerable to wind and cold that can make us sick

5. Organize your life, let go of old unhealthy habits, start a healthy routine that you can take into the winter months

6. Eat warm foods like soups and stews that nourish your digestive system and boost your immunity - make sure to add some ginger and cinnamon (chinese herbs that keep the immune system strong)

7. Be kind to yourself, go to bed early and get more rest (remember that you cannot expend as much energy as you could in the summer, start reserving your energy)

8. If your body or mind is having a hard time with this transitional season, you can use thieves essential oil on the bottom of your feet to boost immunity, and come in to get preventative Chinese herbs or an acupuncture treatment!